Tuesday, March 17, 2009


In Korean, Kyobo means, "education."

So it should be no surprise that Kyobo Life Insurance Co. -- in addition to its insurance offerings -- is involved in several educational pursuits, including a chain of bookstores that recently had the attention of both Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

Through the efforts of Professor Pil HwaYoo of SKK Graduate School of Business, arrangements were made for us for a presentation by Eugene Chung, senior vice president of Kyobo’s investment management division.

Chung discussed the investment philosophy and principles of the 51-year-old company, which had annual premium income last year of $7 million. Kyobo is one of Korea’s “big three” life insurers and has 18,600 agents and another 4,177 employees.

Unlike other insurance companies recently in the news, Kyobo has taken a conservative approach and attracted more interest from a couple students who were happy to exchange business cards with Chung’s associates.\

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