Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another perspective

As much as you've enjoyed reading this blog, we have other required reading.

In addition to the students’ posting to their personal Facebook pages, Nikhil also blogged along the way at a site presented by the Center for International Business Education and Research.

He wrote about the difficulty some students had in finding vegetarian offerings.

"Korean streets and restaurants are full of various kinds of meat. In the last three days, we have tried the weirdest food like silkworms and quail eggs," he wrote. "The only thing the four vegetarians in the group get to eat is kimchi and rice.

"However, that is when the life saviors McDonald's and Subway come in! There is nothing like having familiar food in a foreign land," he added. "Occasionally, the rest of us give in and get a bite of the Big Mac (actually called a “Big Bulgogi”).”

The rest of his comments can be found online at http://www.ksb-eekorea2009.blogspot.com/.

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