Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Finding new friends at Seoul's Woodstock

Believe it or not, but our group went to Woodstock for a gig.

It’s a club on the third floor of a building in Itaewon that only had attracted a handful of people – a total of four, in fact, before the Kelley students arrived on this slow Monday night.

The band had taken a break, leaving their instruments on stage. Andrew, Jenny and Aashish didn’t think anyone would mind if they played them. Andrew played the bass, while Jenny and Aashish took turns on the drums.

Once they got going, the band members returned and together everyone jammed on songs made famous by Brian McKnight and Damien Rice. Afterwards, they played some billiards and “talked a lot.”

Andrew said their new founds friends had many questions about the United States and are very interested in American culture.

"They said they were pretty happy we came because they were bored," Jenny said proudly. "We took over; Kelley took over. We wrote our names on the white board. We left our mark."

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  1. Another hidden talent I didn't know you had, Jenny - drummer par excellence! You are having a fantastic experience. Love forever, Gram